Friday, August 31, 2007

How does one lose GLASSES if one can not see without them?

I lost my glasses yesterday. Talk about stupid. I mean, I needed new ones anyway, and the lens popped out of them last week - but I have forgotten just how much I rely on glasses to get me around.

After racing to the Optometrist to get the ball rolling for a new pair, He put me in some contact lenses. Does feel rather weird having plastic in ones eye that is meant to be there - but I can see, and will be able to see until my glasses come back.

My vegies are going well - as in, they are not dead. Considering my 5 year old let my 2 year old in to jump all over them, this IS a big plus.

Spring has definately sprung here - one of the first hebes I ever planted is finally flowering! To me, that says that my garden is doing Ok. I just hope it lives through this summer. It was 25 degrees here yesterday and it is still officially winter.

Saving water is going to be a bigger issue this year - I'm very proud of the fact that we are using under the quota the water company says - but my aim is to entirely maintain the front and back gardens only using recycled water and tank water. Because I planted a couple of new plants over the weekend, I've had to water them a couple of times - but essentially, I would like to not rely on tap water at all.

After doing the supermarket shopping yesterday, I realised how much we DON'T need. So, I bought simply this week - which was great. I felt better for it, and I'm sure that the kids won't even notice the difference. And if they do - well it's a perfect time to start teaching them about the environment!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Seriously, I'm NOT weird.

I've been wondering mostly today why I have never gone to an op shop. I figure that part of me feels "ashamed" to go to the *gasp* OP SHOP; but I think another part also feels guilty.

Is it taking from people more unfortunate than you by shopping at Op shops? I kind of felt like I was...almost...stealing? from them. I paid $6 for a really cool pair of pants, I paid $4.75 for a great jacket type thing and $3 for a mickey mouse for Mr 'Tude. I will do photos soon - although I'm debating who exactly is going to give a crap what my new purchases look like... ;)

For all that care, Mr 'Tude is my nearly-5-year-old. He's had grommets this year and has gone from mr perfect to mr Tude - all in about 8 short months. I have him, and I have the Terror. He is a terror and is almost two.

Anyway. In principle, I can afford to spend $10 on a Mickey Mouse toy for Mr 'Tude. No problem. So, is it taking from the less fortunate by paying such a cheap price? Is there like some unwritten rule in society - "no one earning over xxx shall walk into an Opportunity shop as it is deemed to be theft"?

My family never were ones to really care much about the environment. Animals - well give my mother a cause in the name of an animal and she's there with bells on. But, for some reason, the care factor of environment has eluded them to date. How? Why?

I mean, even if you thought *oh fuck it, I'm not going to be here to see it, who gives a shit* of the whole global warming thing - surely you'd be even a little bit concerned?? I mean, it could happen soon. But not my parents. Completely oblivious. I love them dearly, but I wish they'd stop looking at each other like that when I tell them about my gardening efforts. I am not turning into some sort of *cough* hippy - I am trying to do my bit for the world.

Is this how religious people get frustrated? Like *hey, buddy, how can you WANT to go to hell?? I've seen what that place is like, and you don't wanna end up there* - and the drunk guy watching footy just says *hmphh* in response??

I want to look my kids in the eye and say 'I tried' when they ask why we sat back and watch the world go by...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ick. I hope you washed it!

Was the response I received from my sister when I told her, quite happily, that I went to an op shop.

Obviously my attempt at leaving a smaller carbon footprint for my kids is going to be a difficult one.

This is my first post in blogger land, I must admit that it feels completely liberating to say whatever the fuck you want in a diary entry.

I will be back.