Sunday, March 29, 2009

Helllooo Mr 8 ball....I seeeeeee youuuuu!!!!

Well, the 8 ball is seemingly closer at the minute; everything (just about) is ready for the final week of school. Except, perhaps, the 6 year old.

We are having dramas with him and his ridiculously immature behaviour. For all the 'oh, he's started SO well' talk - it's come back to bite me on the bum. He's lost access to prize possessions this week, so we shall see what that brings.

G has been working ridiculous hours, which I am sure is contributing to this issue. He started work at 3.30 yesterday morning and, because it was Sunday; 5.30am today. This stupid job finishes tomorrow, so hopefully his next job will be A. a little closer to home and B. far less pressure for the boy.

So, I've been painting. We fixed and resealed the roof awhile ago, and the colours that were originally our external colours turned an awful shade of pink once the red became more prominent on the roof. So, when it came time to replace the gutters; we changed to a beige. Looks much better - but obviously that means painting the rest of the external. Joy.

Actually, it's not so bad. It was a perfect Autumn day here today; 25, nice breeze and silent in the neighbourhood. So the kids were playing (nicely for a change!!), the Ipod was on, and I got stuck into the decking.

I feel a little more... in control ??? I do go through fits and starts; generally it's a big "OMG am I really fixed mentally, or is this just a big farce" type thing - far greater things have happened in my past to bring on these trains of thought (None of which I am interested in revisiting; which surely is a good sign overall?) - but every so often I realise that I am living. And, sometimes, I freak out about it.

Internet is hazy; I did something stupid and now the internet is slow until the 8th. Has been good because I haven't missed it - but on the flip side, I've missed lots of blogs!! I've thought a lot about those I regularly read and hope that all is well.

Apart from that, things are so far so good. I'm off to see M this weekend in Perth, and then it's Easter. A big stay at the farm is exactly what the doctor ordered (that and school holidays!!). Then, a couple of weeks after that and we are headed to QLD for a big play with the kids.

When G went away for 6 months last year, it was really hard on the kids. They missed him and it really affected their behaviour. So, we decided to do something just for them. R has been wanting to go to Australia Zoo for as long as I can remember - so, amongst other commercial fun parks - we're going. I personally haven't been to the Gold Coast since I was 8, so it will be very interesting to see what's changed. Apparently I won't know the place. But, we're staying in Mermaid Beach, so at least it's not in the dead centre of town.

The weekend after I get back, my beatiful friend Lex graduates. I wish I had the words to explain just how PROUD I am of this girl. What she has accomplished, and how well she has accomplished them, just have me awestruck. She has done exceptionally well at school, with her kids, with her husband - she is just one of those people you wish the whole world to - because they deserve it.

She is having a party for her graduation. And, initially, we were going to be in QLD on the night of her party. But, I couldn't BEAR to miss out on congratulating her and sharing her joy. So, we moved our holiday!! Catching up with some of my most beautiful friends and congratulating this fine fine woman will be the highlight of my year.

So much coming - and I can't WAIT!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just keep swimming...

Is how I feel right about now. Not on the 8 ball, not even behind the 8 ball - I can't even see the 8 ball!!!

In other news, I'm off to Perth next weekend to visit a very old and good friend. Things tripped up between us for awhile, but I am very pleased to say that things are definately looking up. Even the 4 hour plane trip by myself is something I am looking forward to!!

I'm just plodding along; hopefully the 8 ball and me will meet up again soon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I wrote this about my son this morning; and feel it is an appropriate blog post too!!

I am just SO proud of this kid. This time last year, his whole life was 'I can't'. He had very few friends and would barely say three words because of his lack of confidence. He wasn't as good at *kinder stuff* (pasting, cutting, painting etc) or even as interested.

He was a tentative kid; the kid who you'd give your heart to because he just looked so vulnerable and nervous. His concentration was scary to watch, and to see him NOT do something time and time and time again broke my heart; because he COULD do it - he just didn't BELIEVE he could.

This year; I could just cry.

He's 'I can do anything'. He's Mr popularity who has received both a Student of the week award for the SCHOOL and *VIP award* for his class. He's reading at grade 2 level. He has just completed level 3 of mathletics. He's adoring before and after school care and is absoutely stoked because he got a slice of banana cake in his lunchbox. (kinder was a fruit only policy). His best friend is 'the brown skin friend Charig' and plays with just about everyone.

His kindness toward others is beautiful to watch and he doesn't get involved in any of the 'school' politics in the playground. I'm just...I don't even know. Relief doesn't cut it. For the last 3 years, I have been worried stupid about him. His hearing, his speech, his development - then he turns around and is just turning out oh so well.

Truth be known, I've even given myself a *little* pat on the back for my efforts so far; because, if this is partly my creation - I have done well. I'm just so stoked for him. And so darn proud, I think my heart will burst.

And I thank his little brother. I'm sure some of his 'I don't give a shit WHAT people think' attitude has rubbed off on him. And, he doesn't even know it, but Connor has given Riley SO much that I thank christ I have him too. He is the BEST brother for Riley. (Drives ME nuts, but that's entirely another issue!!!).

God I love them both.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What IS.

The long weekend came and went before I realised. We went to the farm for the weekend, which was nice I guess. I missed another meet up with some of my bestest friends which bitterly disappointed me; but I guess there is always next time.

The Osteo went really well. Not ONE ounce of pain - which, compared to the manipulator is something. I walk out of the manipulator bruised as all getout - so it was nice to not be in pain whilst she was twisting and turning.

Has it made a difference? Not a heap, but I think that it is a longer term thing; as opposed to the manipulator who just kills you and then it's all fixed. I'm back again Wednesday; so I will let you know more then.

Kids are going gloriously well. Riley adores school and is seriously good at it. His reading is incredible and his maths, whilst not quite as good as his reading; is well and truly up there. He's found his niche and he is loving it.

Connor is just Connor. Full of attitude, cheekiness and sass. He drives me around the twist; but he equally makes my heart ache with some of the things he does. A computer is called a 'pincuter' - he has his own (my calculator) in which he does his 'homework' like Riley.

Me? Really well. Suprisingly well as a matter of fact. My back pain usually brings me down to a fairly low ebb; not being able to do much frustrates me no end. But, I feel great. Instead of looking at what *could* be - looking at what is - while it sounds so simple - just makes things so much better.

I am seriously happy. I am very lucky to be here; great husband, great kids, great friends; we're not looking for our next paycheck urgently, we're all healthy - soemtimes I really need to take stock and look at where I AM and not where I could be; or what I have missed out on.

Tanks are in - finally. G has a little more to do today and they are officially ready to catch water. Photos will come.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just call me hoppalong...

I'm still very tender from my twists of last week. I'm going to see an Osteopath tonight; hopefully she can shed some light.

I can walk - plus. But I feel far too...fragile? to move too much; I'm scared that one false move and it's outta there again.

Sorry for the boring and the whinging.