Sunday, January 17, 2010

Settling in

It's weird. We've been here a little over a week; and it feels like home already. This house has a great energy attached to it.

We have started to meet the neighbours. We're now in a court of about 8 houses, and apparently it's a lovely place to live with lovely neighbours right the way through.

There is Margaret & Eddie - a lovely Scottish couple who are in their mid 60's. He adores kids and seems very 'grandfatherly'. They have 2 daughters with children of their own and they love playing grandparents with them here; particularly as there are so many younger boys in the street.

Andy & Kate live across the road; they have 2 boys (Joesph and Peter) and I think they are a little like the Flanders' flock. Not that it bothers me - but it would be nice to have a couple like Mark & Di to have a few laughs with. Who knows, we still might.

There is Chris next door - I don't know much about him.

So there are more to meet and lots more to do.

It's good though; to turn into your driveway and smile at what you have.

I might even take some photos tomorrow; it's only been three thousand years.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Peace and quiet

You know how some days you are ridiculously flat out; but you get to the end and thoroughly enjoy it? Well, that was me today.

I was up super early this morning and headed into work to finish all the things I had to do. Then, came home and took Connor down to the doctors to have his four year old immunisations. With everything that has been going on lately, I completely forgot about them!!

I then came home and got stuck right into this house. I have sorted and am happy with 3 rooms furniture and 'purpose' wise - I just need to unpack trinkets to give them a bit of 'us' to them. But I will take photos when I am done.

Settlement happened yesterday - and what a joke that was. We were meant to settle at 11; we get a phone call at 10 to say that OUR BANK wanted more money from us - $345.60 to be precise - and we needed to have a bank cheque in the city by 11am for settlement.

So G goes to the ANZ BANK and gets an ANZ BANK CHEQUE that is payable to ANZ. Then drives the 40 minutes into the city. If that's not pathetic....

I'm looking forward to pottering. I need it and I need to do it!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh I know, it's scary!!

Two posts in like 2 days; something must be off it's axis!

I've been thinking alot about this blog and whether or not I should keep it. I like the outlet it gives me, but honestly? I am SICK of this blog being about livers. Bloody livers. And, I imagine so are most of you.

So; I have started another blog here. It's called livernitup - I figure if you can't have a stab at some irony, then there's no point really!! It, like this, is more for me; and hopefully, it might provide some Aussies some insight into what happens. Because, I can't seem to find a whole lot on what people go through with liver disease in Australia - and I hope that if someone in my shoes stumbles across it - they might not feel so alone.

In other news; I am on HOLIDAYS FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK AS OF TOMORROW!!! Well, I have to work tomorrow, but after that - I AM HERE FOR A WEEK!!!!

Can you tell I couldn't care less??

So, my not-so-new-years resolution? To keep this blog liver free. Or, at the very least; liver minimal.

If you're interested in my father and what goes on, check it out; otherwise, you can ignore it and just read this! Or, alternatively, again, you can shut this window down too; promise I wont' take it personally!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm here...

Except I have very little internet, I've moved house, we had a fire, the dishwasher blew up and the bird is gone.

I'll be back in another week or so; provided my internet supplier pull their fingers out!!!