Sunday, January 17, 2010

Settling in

It's weird. We've been here a little over a week; and it feels like home already. This house has a great energy attached to it.

We have started to meet the neighbours. We're now in a court of about 8 houses, and apparently it's a lovely place to live with lovely neighbours right the way through.

There is Margaret & Eddie - a lovely Scottish couple who are in their mid 60's. He adores kids and seems very 'grandfatherly'. They have 2 daughters with children of their own and they love playing grandparents with them here; particularly as there are so many younger boys in the street.

Andy & Kate live across the road; they have 2 boys (Joesph and Peter) and I think they are a little like the Flanders' flock. Not that it bothers me - but it would be nice to have a couple like Mark & Di to have a few laughs with. Who knows, we still might.

There is Chris next door - I don't know much about him.

So there are more to meet and lots more to do.

It's good though; to turn into your driveway and smile at what you have.

I might even take some photos tomorrow; it's only been three thousand years.


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