Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Finally; I do it

I have been wanting and wanting to come back here over the last few weeks, but you know what? I just haven't had it. Finally though, I write.

My life was so....overwhelmed by what was going on with my father (you can read more of that here) that I just didn't have it in me to do much of anything outside that.

Things at the new house are just lovely. There are boys the same age as the boys, they spend most of their lives outside!!

Most things are done; there are a few photos/pictures that I need to get time to put up, but instead, I've been pottering about the garden. I've decided to start making me a bit more of a priority and less of my father and what is going on with him. So, I have started walking again and trying to eat better; all being in aid of making me feel more 'able' and 'with it'. It's only early days yet, but I am slowly starting to feel better.

R turned the big 7 - it was a bit of a mess because Dad was in hospital that morning and his soiree at our house backfired a little when a set of twins couldn't come because she'd broken her arm; but he enjoyed the attention and his cake. He got a DS (finally he says!!) and has been enjoying it in small doses. I do not want him growing up with his whole life in front of the computer; being outside (I have learnt ) is good for the body and the soul.

C is off to his own hospital on Friday; we're getting tonisils out. After tooing and froing and upping and downing, we have reached the decision to pull them out. He gets nasty doses of tonsilitis regularly and the ENT is Dr Bernie - the same one who has done R's ears. So, there's a hospital stay for us Friday night! Quite frankly, I'm even half looking forward to it - there'll be nothing for me to do!

Outside that, it's all very same old same old.