Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It has been ridiculous around here of late. Since the big bang, I have been working flat out. If I'm not working, I am cleaning. If I am doing neither of the above, I am parenting. Or doing 4yo Kinder. Lets say I'm busy enough for the minute.

The house is OFFICIALLY sold. For a price that went above and beyond what we could have expected. We had 4 offers and I am so very glad that the people who have bought it did; they appear to really love it and will look after it (in particular my gardens!!).

We move out in January, so that's another thing that has worked really well. Considering there's not a heck of a lot out there, a bit of time will hopefully bring *our* house out and it'll all work out. I'm too busy to even worry if it doesn't!

School holidays have started here, which is yet another thing I have to work around. Once we get through all the 'already planned, organised and can't get out of' things, I will be able to organise myself a little better. I don't work well when I am not organised; and working 'this Tuesday, that thursday etc' ATM doesn't help.

Everything has settled a little at work; I'm doing my job, her job & Matts job (her other half who quit too - a good thing for him). M stayed; he and I work very well together, and he's happy with what I'm doing. It used to be very 'work xx, xx and xx' - now it's more 'don't care, just tell me when you're not going to be here'. Which has been really nice. There's a fair bit of pressure in that I have time limits on things now; but ATM I really enjoy it.

Connor has just stormed up here now (did I tell you how much I DON'T like having a child who wakes as early as I do!??) so I will close in saying that I am having a THREE DAY WEEKEND with some of my best friends in the world. I leave early (even for me!) Friday morning and don't come home till Sunday night. And the best bit - EVERYONE is telling me to go and have fun! Not one single 'oh, but what about work'!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Both gone

The house and my sister. I start today. The house is sold; but we just dont' know who too yet. It'll be officially sold on Wednesday.

Now to find us a house!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bang - now to see where the remanents lay...

I was going to do more 'tada' posts; but something is wrong with my mouse and I can't drive the tab options here for some reason (if anyone can assist the luddite, my mouse wants to 'clip' things all the time instead of just pointy point and highlight like it should).

So, instead, I'll tell you about the big bang.

The rest of my world is just fine. There is plenty of interest in the house, so we expect that to be gone in the next week or so (thank CHRIST because these inspections are killing me!). Dad is still on the up (we found out why everyone wants to believe he's some closet swilling alco - and that is because apparently, according to the liver clinic, some ridiculous amount of people end up with transplant - AND START DRINKING AGAIN; logic much??), the kids are fine and Grant is fine (except he ate a dodgy sausage roll yesterday - I say suffer because he didn't eat his lunch!).

But work. Oh my god, work.

As I have probably told you, I work for family. Since Dad got sick, that family has decreased by 1. M, who has been there since I was like 3 (there are old tables we still have in the workshop in which I have 'written' letters to him) has taken over the running. That was my fathers wish, and I am more than happy with the arrangement.

My spoilt little bitch sister though? Epic fail.

She is not coping with it at all. When Dad was in charge, she could steamroll him and yell and scream etc and really, have nothing happen (I do blame my father for most of what has happened, he created it and now needs to fix it). She can't tell M to get lost, can't tell him anything really; because he simply will not put up with her shit (have I told you that I heart M??). So, the little digs, backstabs and pain in the arse attitude have just climbed higher and higher.

M has been doing both his job and my fathers; and has done far better than anyone could've thought. His wife is in hospital (knee reconstruction), he has 4 youngish children and is doing two peoples work.

J says to no one in particular yesterday (and please picture and hear the *sigh*, woe is me, drop of the shoulders the world is on it type thing) 'The company cannot keep running as it is'.

I meander out of my office and ask her why she thinks this is so.

She babbles here and there and comes up with 'There are four quotes that he hasn't done that are sitting on his desk' (meaning M. And let me say that if Dad were here, there'd be 34 at any given time and he'd be feeling qutie 'caught up').

I then say 'hellooo, his job doesn't just stop because Dad isn't here you know. He's doing the boys, the quotes, the computer programming, the invoices, the schematic drawings aswell as Dads job'.

'Hummpphh' is the reply and nothing else is said.

Until later.

Turns out her nemesis (she does have a few) has overheard the conversation and runs to M to 'watch his back'. I get a phone call from M beyond furious, beyond hurt and honestly, in the 30 years I've known him, have never heard him like this. He quits, is hurt and cannot believe she cannot see everything he has / is doing to help both our father and the company.

I am so shaken I drive over to speak to my father. He's completely floored; see, no one has told him any of the little narky things that have been going on because he's sick. I lay it all on the table, plus what happened tonight and he's floored.

He calls M and M hits him right between the eyes with everything that is going on. He will not/cannot work with her and there's going to have to be a choice.

Dad calls sister and next thing, I am the biggest arsehole in the world because *I* dobbed. Until she found out what happened.

I haven't found out what has gone on since; but at last check, she was a sobbing 'no one loves me' mess.

Is it a really bad thing to hope that your sister gets the sack? Even though it means I will have to go back full time? (or at least 4 days)......

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Little bit of a 'tada'

The whole before and after photos. You can now really see just how crap a photographer I really am!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Still going....

Just a quick one; he's STILL not in hospital!!! Can I start to whisper that I *think* this time we're managing things?

House is on the market; when I get more than 5 minutes to scratch myself, I will post some photos. They come up really well and there is an awful lot of interest!! It went on the net Wednesday, we've had 20 enquiries and 2 inspections already!